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Artist Statement

My work is about communication of thoughts, feelings and the unconscious mind.
The medium I choose to work in, is based on my love of classical art oil paintings, metal and stone sculpture, ancient jewelry techniques and collaborating with other visual artists, dancers and filmmakers.

Since the early 90s I have exhibited my work in both galleries and on the streets of New York City and Tokyo, Japan.
In 1997 under my maiden name Sherri Weiner I co starred in an experimental documentary film “Milk”  by Edgar Honetschlager, show cased in the Berlinale & Documenta X 1998.  1999- 2010 lead to a collaboration with Sindhu Rumpler in  “The Broken Truck Garden” a sculpture and living edible garden in Keokea, Maui.
After having a Near Death Experience in 2003 I began a series of oil paintings “Glimpse”. This is my personal expression of part my experienced during my NDE and self publishing a short story of this experience.
2012 lead to my own jewelry Arts Gallery in Paia, Maui.  Where I show case my jewelry line and that of like minded master goldsmiths.


These paintings began in 1990 and ended once I began “The Glimpse” series


This series began after my Near Death Experience.  This is part of what I witnessed.

The Book

The story of my Near Death Experience

“The Glimpse” 

The Golems

These sculptures were created while living in Tokyo Japan 1994-1995. Used  as interactive installations on the streets of NYC and Tokyo. As well as traditional Gallery exhibitions


Body Sculptures , sound, dance video, film and performance in collaboration with other artists


Various media of sculptures
from 1990-current


A gallery I created to showcase my jewelry and that of like minded goldsmiths

Sherri Dhyan Jewelry

22k handmade gold

Maui Sun Drops

Fun playful acrylic & 24k gold

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