I have worked in these different mediums since the early 80ies. Having exhibited my sculptures and multi media events in Japan and NYC I was drawn to settle on Maui, Hawaii. In 2001 I opened Studio22k where my focus has been on my jewelry gallery. That said, painting and sculpture are never far away.


Ancient artifacts of clothing, jewelry and objects have always fascinated me. Following my parents through the metropolitan museum of art and Natural Museum of history and as a toddler. Left me with a desire to touch and play with these objects.  It wasn’t until I stumbled on to a school dedicated to these ancient art techniques that I embraced working in so intensely in 22k gold.  This passion led me to opening Studio22k, a gallery of jewelry art goldsmiths. 



No matter what the material, working in 3 dimensions has always felt easy and natural to me.  Whether taking a mass form and carving away to create a composition of negative/ positive space or constructing with pieces, I have naturally been able to flow between my thoughts and the medium.


Oils on canvas, trying to find my voice with this media has been a challenge.  As much as I love the media itself for the tectorial aspects.  I didn’t feel a solid connection from painting to painting till my NDE. Looking back now, I realize my early paintings left me with abilities to communicate my Near Death Experience.

The Story “The Unveiled”, My NDE

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