The eye is the window of the soul,  by Hiram Powers 1805-1873.


Ancient artifacts of clothing, jewelry and objects have always fascinated me. Following my parents through the metropolitan museum of art and Natural Museum of history and as a toddler. Left me with a desire to touch and play with these objects.  It wasn’t until I stumbled on to a school dedicated to these ancient art techniques that I embraced working in so intensely in 22k gold.  This passion led me to opening Studio22k, a gallery of jewelry art goldsmiths. 



No matter what the material, working in 3 dimensions has always felt easy and natural to me.  Whether taking a mass form and carving away to create a composition of negative/ positive space or constructing with pieces, I have naturally been able to flow between my thoughts and the medium.


Oils on canvas, trying to find my voice with this media has been a challenge.  As much as I love the media itself for the tectorial aspects.  I didn’t feel a solid connection from painting to painting till my NDE. Looking back now, I realize my early paintings left me with abilities to communicate my Near Death Experience.

The Story “The Unveiled”, My NDE

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